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Modern and Traditional Design Ideas
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Before we start the business with you, we - Gentle Homes, believes that our clients should be familiar with some concept and ideas on Interior designing so that the choice from enormous availability of different style is made easy and quick. During the construction stage you might wonder what colour, furniture, style to be applied to make your Home to disguise to Heaven and to feel a lifelong comfort living at your Home. Below briefed are the different style of Interior Design we can accommodate to your home. If you like Classic style for example; we can style your home with classic wall decoration, arranging classic fancy objects, designing light which suits the classic style, arrange furniture which is of classic style etc we can make the changes according to you taste, during the designing stage. Following are different style from which you can choose your home to look like. You can go for either one or a combination of more than one.


The old style but highly preferred by the present public. Kerala style houses are mostly decorated with wood work and the colour used will be rich & Traditional (Brown) with antiques object organized all through. Mural paintings are the current highlights in Kerala Traditional designs to give an aristocratic look to the interior.

                                      Traditional design1
                    Traditional design2
                      Traditional design3



Contemporary design is ever changing. It is of the moment with selected finishes and various balanced Colour range of warm, bright tones etc. Finishes warm, wood-veneer, solid wood doors with frames or appearance to look more polished and panels upholstered with leather. Textile materials, velvet, plush, upholstered pieces are often used in shaping the ambience characteristic of this style. Printed plates, vegetable or floral Colours stains cannot be used to amaze complete certain parts of decorated cushions, carpets, etc..

                              Contemporary design1
                   Contemporary design2
                  Contemporary design3



Modern in interior design really refers to "Mid Century Modern". This style is a form of simple style with extreme accuracy; without heavy backgrounds. The emphasis is on simplicity, the Colours may be dull or bright and a combination of both with some flashy Colours to throw a feel of sparkling atmosphere. The shapes used in cupboards, object, furniture are geometric, square, rectangular, round, but the surfaces are clean, no scenery, no details.

                                 Modern minimalist style1
                Modern minimalist style2
             Modern minimalist style3



It is a polished style developed, rich in details, which are found both in the structure of furniture, lighting, etc. as well as in sets, prints. The furniture is the art type, carved or inlaid details. Decorated with floral elements, vegetable, various leitmotif or scenes drawn from legends..

                                Classic style1
                           Classic style2
                    Classic style3



It is a refined style, elegant a new approach of classic form. The forms preserves the structure of old forms and furniture style combined with modern elements, creating that fusion between old and new. Finishing parts are in a new approach-painted and varnished, with different and innovative Colours, surface gold, silver, finished with patina or serigraphic.

                          Classic reinterpreted style1
            Classic reinterpreted style2
             Classic reinterpreted style3



This style is usually chosen for Resort, vacation homes etc. Style structure is a crude, rough details, structure elements of furniture / lighting can be in tree trunks, logs, branches, jute.

                                  Rustic style1
                        Rustic style2
                 Rustic style3


           HIGH-TECH STYLE

This style is an innovative advance contemporary style, the emphasis being on furniture structure, shapes where every detail of combination is not random and it is part of that structure. Screws, rivets, wheels apparent booms, rough metal finishes, appearances bulbs are specific to this style. The finishes used are often of metal, glass and plastic and wood in small proportions and for parts we find fabric-upholstered and leather to make it simple. The Colours are often dull-gray, white, small black scale. Fundamentally we Gentle Homes offer designs that includes a complete package of - Living area, Dining room, Master Bed room, Regular bed room, Old age room, Kids room, Adults room, Kitchen, Indoor garden, swimming pool. Or the package can be chosen for partial or even for one

                              High-tech style1
                    High-tech style2
                 High-tech style3